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Information, delivered by experts in a straightforward fashion, is too often reminiscent of a classroom lecture ? Boring! However that same content, deliver with passion, purpose, urgency, spirit and conviction can move people to action and move you to the top of the news media?s first call list.

Forums, groups, boards, and loops; they?re all synonymous for online locations facilitating online networking. Some are entirely public, where everyone and anyone can click to the URL, read the messages and if they have no interest in contributing, they can just lurk. Some require active participation and others require registration before members can participate. These online forums, groups, boards or loops are different from paid membership sites in that there is no…

There’s a clear way around press release failure and it’s called the pitch. A lot like it sounds a pitch is a fast throw at busy editors about a possible story. If they want to find out more, then you send the press release.

Your direct contacts may provide advice, counsel and support. But, it is THEIR contacts that create a new customer base, provide a supplier, get venture capital or introduce you to the person you need to close a deal. Perhaps the term business networking is a misnomer. Think of it as people networking, because it is PEOPLE that make networking successful.

Press releases are informative and objective pieces which are supposed to be newsworthy, and are circulated in PR wires for pickup by various news groups and editors. This article will give you some tips about how to write killer press release to get massive free publicity for your business.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said ?Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy.? I spent an interesting hour at the dentist?s office yesterday and the time actually flew. I found it fascinating and almost entertaining watching the young woman at the front desk. I guess I?m accustomed to being greeted by a receptionist with a smile and an attitude that conveys ?thanks for coming to see us, not them?.

At a Chamber of Commerce Business Card Exchange several years ago a well-dress woman walked up to me, business card in hand and, in perfect form held it in both hands in front of me, gesturing for me to take it. I took the card from her and smiled. She looked up and in a polite voice, said “Thank you,” and walked away. How sad. Here was this obviously well-intentioned woman, who most likely owned an interesting business but never learned what to do at a card exchange. Somewhe…

The field of investigative reporting involves bringing to the fore facts and figure that affect human interests and fair governance. This means conducting in depth research, looking at public records, doing extensive interviews, as well as checking and rechecking of facts before publication.